Of Blank Canvases, Babies, and Sisters


Friday is always busy day here, as we catch up on the week’s work so that we can enjoy maximum family time on Tyler’s day off and rest on the Sabbath. It’s the day when I finish up projects, give the house a good cleaning, and do all the ‘extra’ laundry (linens, aprons, whatever doesn’t get worn and washed regularly).

I’m weaning Emma Jane. This week we are working on cutting out her wake-up feeding, which means changing our wake-up routine, which means changing our morning routine, which means changing our whole daily schedule. She has been waking up way too early for this pregnant mommy’s taste, so the last few days I’ve been giving her a snack and letting her sit on my bed and eat it while I get some more rest (not sleep necessarily, but everything counts!).

This morning she spilled water and crumbled her waffle all over my bed, so I had to wash my sheets for the second time this week. I did the laundry, straightened the house, mopped the floors, and finished a major cleaning and decluttering of the office (now only two jobs away from being finished with my fall housecleaning! Yay!).

Finally late this afternoon Emma Jane and I headed to my bedroom to finish up the last task of the day: putting the sheets back on the bed and folding all the laundry. I started to put the sheets on, then paused to text my mama for a labour update, leaving all the bedding on floor with Emma Jane sitting on it. When I picked up the top sheet to finish I realised that Emma Jane had scattered cheese from her snack dish all over the clean sheets and all over the freshly mopped floor, where we were both stepping on it and smooshing it into the floor. Oh well. :) I like to think of cleaning as creating a blank canvas for little people (and big people!) to live out loud on. Or maybe it’s more like a Magna-Doodle, since one can hardly paint on a canvas more than once, whereas no matter how many times you erase a Magna-Doodle it always gets scribbled on again. Do they even make Magna-Doodles any more? Anyway, it’s a helpful attitude to have and keeps my Martha tendencies somewhat in check!

Oh, did I say labour update? No, it’s not me :). My sweet sister Ellen is in labour with her first child–my second niece and third time to become an aunt (just what I always wanted!). There’s nothing quite like watching my sister go through pregnancy. Of course I’ve already been Auntie Em for almost two years and it’s been fun–my dear sister-in-law (who is like a sister–I know, I know, everyone says that, but it’s true! Love ya, Candace!) made me an aunt; we were pregnant at the same time and it was so fun to be pregnant together! Tyler’s sister also had her first (our first niece) last summer and that was also fun.

But it’s just special in a different way to see the little girl I was a little girl with, my roommate for eighteen years, the sister I fought with and played with and bossed around and looked down on when we were kids and later learned to look up to; the girl I shared so many experiences with–getting our own big girl room (we decorated with green toile bedspreads, which she hated, and orange paint, which I hated) away from our little sisters, going through the Tolkien obsession that was the most embarrassing part of my teens (we seriously reenacted scenes from the movie on a daily basis), staying up till midnight talking about everything under the sun, teaching me to sew, putting up with one another’s annoying drama (or annoying lack thereof in her case), car pools to Bible studies and girl parties with our dear friends (never knowing that Ellen would end up marrying their brother); the girl who put up with me through all the jealousy and frustration of my spiritually rough late teens; the girl who stood beside me as I married my love and the woman I stood beside sixteen months ago as she made her vows to her own true love…..seeing her become a mother has a specialness all its own.

We’ve always said, ‘Ellen is the nurturing one'; there are no pictures of her without a baby on her hip from the time she was three years old. She always wanted real babies, not dolls and she’s always looked forward to being a mommy. I’ve enjoyed seeing her go through the fun parts and the rough parts of pregnancy and preparing for baby Adeline’s arrival. I’ve never been so excited to pick out a baby shower gift (I got her an Ergo carrier, since she always loved wearing babies and looked forward to wearing her own!). I’ve loved being the know-it-all big sister, giving advice on everything from birth to cloth diapers.

But as special as my sister’s pregnancy has been, I especially look forward to seeing her raise her daughter to be woman of God. She is one of the godliest women I’ve ever known and I know she will do her utmost to always point her children to Christ.

Now, Adeline just needs to hurry up and get here! We can’t wait to meet her!

(small note: Ellen has already become a mother nearly a year ago to a precious baby now with the Saviour…definitely don’t want to forget! Auntie Em loves the one we never knew too!)


UPDATE: Adeline Joy was born in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, October 27, 2012. 6lbs, 7oz, 18 1/2 inches long!

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  1. October 27, 2012 at 5:03 am

    Awwww….. Hannah & Roo will have to read this later…

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