Blessings of Today

Several months ago, I told an older mom that I didn’t have time to blog because I was too busy with the baby. She replied, ‘You have more time now than you ever will again.’

We’ve felt ready for another baby for awhile now, and every time I’ve been inclined to be disappointed that no. 2 has yet to put in an appearance, my mama reminds me, ‘You have a baby–enjoy the baby you you have!’

Every season of life the Lord brings us through is a blessing, with its own gifts, opportunities, and responsibilities. I suppose all of us have a tendency to look ahead to the next season as the one where we’ll be really productive for the Kingdom, treating the current one as just ‘biding our time’ (or maybe it’s just me?)

I look forward to having a houseful of little ones (D.V.)–to having a cup so overflowing with little souls to train that time for other things runs a bit short. I can’t wait to have a soft little newborn in the house again, or to see Emma Jane as a big sister. But I don’t want to look forward to the blessing I hope for in future seasons so much that I neglect the blessings I have now in this one.

This is the season when I can drop everything at a moment’s notice when Tyler calls and asks if ‘his girls’ want to ride along on a work errand. Right now it’s easy to jump in the car and take a weekend road trip. It won’t always be that way. In this season, I have time to write and play the piano and hone my domestic skills and experiment in the kitchen. It’s no problem (most days!) to find quiet time to be in God’s word. Right now, it’s not a struggle to put down my cleaning rag and play with my girl, as it will be when time is in shorter supply. I have time to just sit and watch her as she learns so many new things, from walking to stacking blocks, or even to watch her sleep. It’s wonderful time, full of gifts that will never come again (though of course the future holds many gifts too!)

I don’t know how long this season will last–it could be a month, it could be years! But I want to revel in its abundant blessings for whatever time is left.


Adventure is out there!

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  1. Elizabeth said,

    June 11, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    I feel the same way. My baby is 13months, and we’ve been ‘ready’ for another baby for a while, but the LORD hasn’t seen fit to bless us in that department yet. I’m thankful for His sovereignty and perfect timing, and I hope not to take for granted this fun and joyous season of my daughter’s life.

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